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Xiaomi MITU Builder or the smart robot with the original Sui Is a self-balancing robot There are a total of 978 bricks that will help you design your robot the way you want. And a modular graphics programming module that will make learning + fun along the way. The robot can be controlled via a mobile app with 3 modes of control as well.


Color: white + red

Material: Hypoallergenic Polycarbonate Friendly Durable and safe for children

The total number of 978 bricks is the ability to design robots as needed.

CPU: Cortex M3 STM32 (max. Frequency 108MHz)

Memory: 32mb (Extended memory not supported)

Connection via Bluetooth 4.0, 2.4G Wi-Fi (connect to sensor), Wi-Fi with Type-C extension support

1700 mAh lithium battery (11.1V / 18.3Wh)

Usage time 12 hours

Transformer, Charger Output: 12V / 5V

Servo Motor (2 pieces)

Sensor support

– Gyro sensor (main interior sensor)

– Interface expansion sensor (supported)

– Wireless extension sensor (supported)

– Infrared sensor (can be connected But not included)

– Ultrasonic sensors (can connect But not included)

– Color sensor (can be connected But not included)

– Programmable RGB true light (supported)

Various compatible software

– Mobile remote control

– Voice recognition

– Planning path

– Gravity sensing

– Controlled through programming (Programming control)

– Mobile programming

There are 3 modes of control load which are Joystick, Gyro and GPS.

There are 4 USB Type-C ports which support Ultrasonic, Infrared, Color sensor.

Modular Graphics Programming module makes learning + fun along the way.

Self-balancing system Automated robot Same as the Ninebot scooter

Easy control via mobile apps

The app supports Android 4.3 and iOS 6.0 and above.

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