xiaomi mitu Block Desert Racing White 490 Parts Cylinder Piston 4 Independent Suspension Mechanical Transmission

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490+ classic parts

–The building blocks are built with more than 490 parts and combine the dual features of building blocks and desert racing to help improve your child’s hands-on ability.

Cylinder piston linkage system

–Discover the beauty of mechanical transmission.

4 independent suspension suspensions

–The four independent suspension designs can fully absorb the vibration of the bumpy road, and each wheel can move independently, improving the stability of the car.

Multiple mechanical transmission structures

–The internal gears cooperate with each other to form a purely mechanical transmission control system for the desert racing car. The layered progressive experience is used to discover the secrets of the mechanical structure transmission and improve cognitive ability.

Lightweight body, mechanical skeleton frame anti-collision

–Like the real car, the desert racing car is designed with protective bars on the front and sides of the car. It not only has the decorative function but also absorbs the external impact and effectively protects the car body.

Non-slip wear-resistant tires, grip fastening

–The tires have superior grip and the rear wheel diameter is significantly larger than the front wheels, making them easy to handle all terrains.

Exquisite mechanical transmission, cool fight experience

High-precision building blocks for better inserting

Big tail design, it looks more cool

Simulate the differential mechanism to make the car more capable

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