1 Set Mixly Graphical Programming Learning Singlechip Development Board Kit For Arduino

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Greatly improved the simplicity of programming for arduino, no need for complex installation, graphical programming on the hand, simple and easy to understand.


Packing list

.1 x Domestic UNO
.1 x UNO Expansion Board
.1 x IIC1602 LCD
.1 x IR Remote Control
.1 x SG90 Steering Engine
.1 x Correlation Module
.1 x Potentiometer Module
.1 x Infrared Receiving Module
.1 x Dual Color LED Light Module
.1 x Three Color Light Module
.1 x Key Module
.1 x Touch Module
.1 x Box for 4 Battery
.1 x USB Cable
.1 x Blue LED Module
.1 x Active Buzzer Sensor Module
.1 x Passive Buzzer Sensor
.1 x Ultrasonic Module
.1 x dht11 Temperature and Humidity Module
.1 x Red LED Module
.1 x Green LED Module
.1 x Fan Kit
.1 x 7-color LED Module
.1 x Water Level Monitoring Module
.1 x Tilt Module
.1 x Photosensitive Module
.1 x Sound Sensor Module
.1 x Straight Screwdriver
.6 x Grove Interface 3P Dupont Thread
.6 x Grove Interface 4P Dupont Thread
.10 x Male to Female Dupont Line
.1 x Hall Module
.1 x Flame Module
.1 x Relay Module
.1 x Small Motor
.10 x Female to Female Dupont Line
.10 x Male to Male Dupont Line
.1 x Magnet

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