Robot Program Learning Kit Building Block APP RC Car For Microbit For Technic Excavator

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Main features of

1.MAGICCAR design for microbit GR.A phic progr A MME, MA in microbit Bo A RD controller, EXP A nsion Bo A RD use A FE Ature-Rich Magbitbit EXP A nsion bo A RD, Strong SC A L A bility.

2.EXP Ansion Bo A RD design, 8 PIN PIN INTERF A CES, 8 PWM Servo PIN INTERF A CES, four DC motor INTERF A CES, two stepper motor INTERF A CES, One RGB ultra A Sonic INTERF A CE, one I2C INTERF A CE, ANDA connector, INS APA ssive Buzzer ND infr A red color receiver module

3.In terms of, install the relevant software package using Micro: Bit Drag-and-DROP Graphic programming, Building Block is easy to use.

4.The Magicblock car is compatible with the block, has 4 assembly modes, can be assembled into Iron Claw, Heavy duty truck, Hammer truck, Forklift truck and Bucket truck, give Full Play students creativity.

  1. Support Makecode graphics software program; Supports bluetooth, mobile phone APP control, programming.
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