Original XIAOMI Mitu Rover DIY Mobile Phone Control Building Self-assembled Tank Battle

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Mitu Robot Rover is another innovative products from XIAOMI. It is made of high quality green material, consisting of 1086 parts, which will need your intelligence and patience to finish building it. So quite a challenge for kids above 10, even a difficult task for adult. Would you like to accept this challenge?


Cater pillar design provides great gripping and trafficability.

1086 parts can compose into three fantastic form, robot, tank and engineering truck.

Just like smart phone, this robot has its own original processor Cortex Mx 32 bit.

Can control it under 3 different modes, app control, voice control and program control.

2 high power brushed motors.

Modularization graphical programming function means you can let this robot dance.

4 USB Type-C interfaces to power other expansion equipment

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