5M PCL 1.75Mm Filament Low Temperature 3D Printing Pen Supplies For 3D Printer/3D Printer Pen

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1. After strict quality testing, with high purity, high precision, environmental protection, non-toxic and degradable characteristics
2. Tolerance within 0.02mm, uniform extrusion during printing, no plugging, limited improvement of printing efficiency
3. The melting point is stable without bubbles
4. Suitable for low temperature printing pen

• Colour: Orange/Pink/Black/Red/Yellow/Green/Light Green/Light Purple/Dark Blue/Sky Blue/Silver/Purple/White
• Material: PCL
• size:Length:5M
• Filament:1.75mm

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Orange, Pink, Black, Red, Yellow, Green, Light Green, Light Purple, Dark Blue, Sky Blue, Silver, Purple, White